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mytightlife asked: Any Zentai pictures? Definitely some of my favorite types of pics!

I’m in process of getting a custom one, with a dollface on it. The only zentai I have is one that’s pretty creepy-looking. Red, with a latina model’s smiling face on it. I look like a grinning teletubby fetus with boobs.

(said zentai store from China misinterpreted my order. I wanted a dollfaced one, dammit! Maybe I should get a pure white one and just draw a dollface on it with a fabric marker?)

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Anonymous asked: i dont think ive seen the chun li pictures, what are they tagged as? also, have you considered adding a wishlist/paypal donate button? im sure people would love to give you things in exchange for seeing them on you.

Wishlist/donate button? Who’d donate to me, haha

if it works, I should get another wardrobe to put all the latex in. OR, just throw out the non-latex clothing to make room for latex (only).

^ I’m sure I’m going to regret that